Titans Specialities

AFL Pre-season Training

Titans specialises in pre-season and in-season training for football teams across the north and east of Melbourne.

School and Pre-school Programs

Titans has an outstanding reputation with schools across Melbourne in delivering taekwondo, bully management and self defence programs for students

Building Confidence in Kids

Titans has a demonstrated ability to work with children through their taekwondo programs to build children’s self-esteem and confidence. Give you child the gift of confidence today.

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Titans Talk

The awesomeness of Suspension Training

Ever seen those straps hanging from the ceiling in the gym with handles and wondered what they are for and how they could possibly give you a good workout. Whilst they may look innocuous, they are perhaps one of the best and most challenging pieces of gym equipment. Standard weight machines at the gym can

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Do you have a competitive streak?

Do you consider yourself a competitive person? Do you see it as a good thing or a bad thing? I was having another of my in-depth discussions with one of my friends after a spot of boxing in the ring (it happens a lot after a good spar) and we got on to the topic

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Why ‘The Karate Kid’ has mislead a generation of parents!

The image of The Karate Kid (a.k.a. Ralph Macchio) is typically one of the first mages that comes to parents minds these days when one hears about of considers a martial art for children. And it’s not always the image of Daniel-son pulling his winning ‘Crane’ kick move in the final match of his ultimate

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Excuse vs Reason…What is the difference?

Do these sound familiar? I have a sore finger! I have a cold! I need to get my shizzle together before I can start exercising again! I have no doubt, that 50% of you (or more – myself included) have all used these types of excuses/reasons in the past or at the moment not to

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What Martial Art should I do?

Martial arts are systems or application of different, styles and traditions of combat, defence or methods, that are practiced for a variety of reasons. There is well in excess of over 200 types of Martial Arts that exist across the world. Some of them are very similar, others are very different. Many instructors or teachers

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Empowering Women – Chicks that Hit

This is not about male versus female. Or about who is stronger, faster or smarter. Too often in life, work or sport it becomes about battle of the sexes. Pay gaps, gender equality and domestic violence are just some of the symptoms of the unbalanced society we live in. Addressing it, is not about male

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