About Us

Titans is a taekwondo, boxing and fitness gym in Diamond Creek. Established in 2008, Titans has become a part of the local community and heavily involved in sport and fitness with Creekers and surrounding communities.

With over 30 years experience competing and coaching nationally and internationally and teaching in the field of taekwondo, self defence and bully management, our Head Instructor Nick Tsioulos is in high demand. Heavily involved in pre-season and in-season training for local football teams, taekwondo in schools and and elite taekwondo and boxing coach, there is always something on the go.

Titans is an ‘inclusive’ gym not exclusive. Anybody who wants to get fit or build on their current skills and abilities is welcome. We do ‘train tough at Titans’, but that is through our commitment, discipline and training style, but we also like to have fun. We have a raft of different types of classes to cater for all training preferences and styles.

A family affair, Titans is run by Nick and Carolyn. Both Instructors at the gym. They are supported by an awesome team of instructors that bring unique skills to the club:

  • Luke, our enthusiastic and energetic Assistant Taekwondo Instructor;
  • Anthony, Ryan and Jess, our popular and skilled Fighting Fit Instructors; and
  • Dom, our talented and humble Kids Boxing Instructor.

Our Instructors are more than happy to assist you in any way. Come in and meet us today.

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