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As a member of the local Diamond Creek community, Titans recognizes the importance of developing the confidence and self esteem of children and building resilience within our own young community. At Titans we teach ‘life skills’: courtesy, respect, self control and confidence. With the ever increasing incidence of bullying (including cyber-bullying) these elements have never been more critical.

Titans offer a bully management program tailored to suit the individual needs of schools and community groups. This program includes recognizing what bullying is and how to handle bullies in a safe and non violent manner as well as self defense and basic taekwondo skills.
Titans can hold a self defence program for your schools, organisation, business or community group.

In our self defence classes we teach first and foremost about avoiding dangerous situations. Following this, self defence is about neutralising an attack that could not be prevented or avoided and at Titan’s we teach self defence moves that work under stress, which are based on your natural instrinctive reactions, require little strength and limited range of motion.

Concepts included in the program include:

Use your head
De-escalating a bad situation
Reduce your risks
Self Defence

Contact us at for further information or to arrange your School or Self Defence Program.

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