This is great for those who are recovering from an injury, require core strengthening or are just looking for a great workout that is low impact.

Try Hardcore Pilates with our awesome Instructor Celia. Using true New York pilates techniques, there is no doubt that this workout will get you sweating every time.

These days there a lots of ‘pilates’ classes. Many people with various degrees of training ranging from one week-end to just a few months can instruct pilates these days. Although some may be talented teachers, many teach exercises based on ideas and concepts of Joseph Pilates work, which may be combined with elements from other techniques or methods of exercise. These changes fundamentally alter the nature of the exercises, so that they may resemble New York style pilates, but are really something very different. Only instructors who are certified and licensed by through the Teacher Certification program have completed the kind of rigorous year long, hands-on training program that Joseph Pilates deemed necessary to teach his method properly can call it New York style.

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