Sports Taekwondo

Titans’ Sports program lays the foundation for an athlete to reach their full potential.

Titans, in developing their sports program have taken into account past practice and evidence from research to develop a clear pathway for taekwondo practitioners to progress to the level of their aspirations and potential in this sport.

Titans are a taekwondo club of choice for our Sports Program because we offer a unique training system which integrates modern sport science and the fighting arts. This comprehensive program is designed to develop proficiency in Olympic-style Taekwondo and to enhance general athletic performance. This martial arts curriculum is complemented by a formal strength and conditioning program.

At every age and skill level, functional exercise is used to improve the physical attributes necessary for success in all competitive sports. Titans provide a pathway to transform basic movement skills into sport specific skills, giving transparent and logical guidance for all ages and stages whether participating in recreational or international competition.

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